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Unity Line
To będzie bardzo udany dzień! W Kopenhadze czeka na Ciebie przepiękna starówka, doskonałe piwo Carlsberg i wiele przeróżnych atrakcji. Wsiadamy!
Unity Line
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Joanna Lewicka
In the Paris of the XIXth century there was a craze for strolling around the city with a tortoise on a leash. The slow tempo let one lose one’s way in the city as if it was a labyrinth. Flâneur – an unhurried Parisian walker rambled around his...
Katarzyna Anosowicz
What connects a zip, a pacemaker, seat belts in a car, cardboard milk and juice packaging and safety matches? The Swedish desire for innovation, which our lives nowadays would definitely be harder without.
Joanna Lamparska
A trip to the Blue Maiden is one of the greatest attractions of southern Sweden. The Blue Maiden, that is Blå Jungrun is a tiny rocky island in the Kalmar Strait. A legend says that in the old days witches had their meeting point there. To this day...
Katarzyna Henschke
„Haur du sitt Malmö, har du sitt varden – if you have seen Malmö you have seen the whole world” – say the citizens of the capital of Skania. In Malmö, following New trends does not stand in contrast with nursing local traditions, and...
Katarzyna Anosowicz
She never received an Oscar for any of her film creations. She was nominated four times. When she disappeared for good from the screen and did not exist for the world anymore, however, the Academy awarded her with an honourable statuette for her...
Unity Line
August belonged to kitesurfing fans: The Summer Kite Festival took place on August 20-22 in Międzyzdroje. Only three days later there were the finals of the Kitesurf Tour Europe 2010 in Świnoujście – the first event in Poland of international...
Unity Line
August in West Pomerania was marked with sailing competitions. In that month there took place two races: The Unity Line Yacht Race on the Odra river and the prestigious Unity Line Regatta on the open sea. Both parties went great!
Unity Line
Are you dreaming of organising an exceptional party? And must it be in such a place that guests will still be talking about it years later? The Wolin ferry may be all yours!

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