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Unity Line
In November there was the first anniversary of setting up our website invite all fans of our magazine to visit us there:)
Unity Line
Scandinavia has had a great impact on the modern world for many years now – on pop culture, utilitarian design and our lifestyle. The Northern Living Festival will present in mor detail the greatest achievements of the northern countries to the...
Unity Line
Styczeń i luty to okres Karnawału, który jest doskonałą okazją do wielkiej zabawy. Nie macie jeszcze planów? Zbierzcie przyjaciół lub współpracowników i ruszajcie na otwarte morze!
Katarzyna Henschke
Tea came to Europe from China. And it stayed here for good. The Irish, Polish, Russian and English have been the leaders in its consumption for years. To this day the origin of the drink has not been fully uncovered, and the theories created are...
Unity Line
Sometimes it is not important where you are going to – the very journey is what matters! This is the motto of weekend cruises, when Unity Line ferries turn into sailing centres of great fun. Discotheques, dance shows, competitions, gambling...
Unity Line
Fine masks, an amazing atmosphere and a joyful party till dawn – this is the essence of a carnival in Venice. And this is the way a Carnival Ball on the Polonia ferry will look like!
Unity Line
Kocham Cię, Je t’aime, Ti amo... The words “I love you” are spoken everyday in different nooks of the world. In the light of a sunset, however, they gain a totally new, poetic meaning.
Kamila Paradowska
Half a century ago it was a dream of many automobile fans. Its typical low sound is to this day an object of collectors’ fantasies. In the 60s it would leave the factory in Szczecin to tramp across the countries of Eastern Europe and Asia, it even...
Joanna Lewicka
The goal of shopping is to satisfy needs, sometimes to make dreams come true. More and more often, however, they become a mood-boosting rite. Fashionable “fashion tours” triumph over, replacing the traditional ways of sightseeing in great...
Paweł Nowak
Every fan remembers the last seconds of the game Poland – Norway and the incredible goal scored by Artur Siódmiak, which gave the Poles a place in the semi-finals of the World Cup 2009. Will our Representation give us similar emotions this year...

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