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Unity Line
As many as 3555 Polish keywords, over 1280 German names, a lot of interesting details, current affairs, a calendar… Szczecin is more “internet” now than it has ever been before!
Unity Line
Copenhagen is considered by European Consumers Choice organisation as the best destination in 2011, and it beat in this category such cities as Barcelona, Rome and Madrid. Check out why!
Kamila Paradowska
The oldest, the youngest, the largest, the smallest, the fastest… All that can be measured may compete in the human world. Some are able to swallow scrapiron, pierce their bodies, eat disgusting stuff… and train their abilities for years. For...
Joanna Lewicka
When you are moving, the weather does not matter. The blood starts pumping faster, the wind stops. Every movement brings the next one. When you gain some speed, nothing can stop you. The fluent sequence of gesture after gesture frees you from having...
Kamila Paradowska
Do you remember “Ludo”, “Monopoly” and “Dungeons and Dragons”? After the great revolution brought on by computer games, board games have been left a bit behind. But only for a moment. Board games, perfect for a rainy afternoon, a longer...
Sylwia Turkiewicz
Scandinavian films are a true feast for a cinema-goer. Those who like following in the tracks of a film location we propose a trip around Copenhagen, a journey to Gotland or a visit to Fårö island. In the mysterious nooks and crannies of the...
Joanna Lewicka
The history of Roxette sounds like a good script put to life. He and she – perfectly complementing each other. Steps on the way to a spectacular career. Toilsome work and the consistent realisation of a dream about a career. However, it is enough...
Katarzyna Kenschke - Ozga
In Berlin, history is hiding just around the corner, mixing with the laid-back streets and sterility of modern architecture. The fascinating elements of each Berlin district blend into a multi-cultural and inhabitant-friendly puzzle. The city never...
Kamila Paradowska
“Dwarves of all towns in the woods have made a crowd…”. If the script of the famous poem by Brzechwa was to come true, Wrocław would have the largest representation. This city is the Polish kingdom for the little creatures.
Katarzyna Henschke - Ozga
The Eleventh Unity Line Regatta is behind us. This year’s edition, which took place between August 11-13, brought some positive changes. Due to the renovation of the port in Kołobrzeg, the route was marked up in the area around...

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