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Paweł Nowak
Good news for people who often travel across the Baltic! From the beginning of November they may use a “10-times ticket”, a very favourable offer from Unity Line.
Unity Line
Between December 8-11, 2011, in the Floating Arena – the Olympic swimming pool in Szczecin - there will be the European Short Course Swimming Championship. For the first time in Poland.
Unity Line
From the beginning of next year, Denmark is taking over the leadership of the European Union from Poland. Fans of icy bathing are taking part in a symbolic passing on of the baton.
Katarzyna Henschke – Ozga
Following this season’s trends, we are organising a carnival standing party. All you need is some empty floor, a high table and a few chairs in case some guests are not trained in the art of standing for a long time.
Mikołaj Radomski
Promy Unity Line cechuje wysoki poziom bezpieczeństwa i nowoczesność zastosowanych rozwiązań. Niezawodność systemów potwierdzają liczne certyfikaty, a przyjęte standardy działania i nadzoru cenione są na całym świecie....
Sylwia Turkiewicz
Szwecja, podobnie jak wiele krajów skandynawskich kusi ciekawym rynkiem pracy. Okazuje się, że legalne zatrudnienie w Skandynawii może być zarówno dla Polaka, jak i innego cudzoziemca, dużo bardziej atrakcyjne finansowo niż w jakichkolwiek...
Kamila Paradowska
Monika Szwaja - one of the best-known and most appreciated novelists in Poland. She used to work as a journalist and a teacher. She debuted in 2002, and became famous after her third novel – “I’m boring” (2005), the main character of which...
Kamila Paradowska
From the few photos that he left behind he looks worried, sometimes sad. Quoted at school assemblies, commemorated in monuments - Janusz Korczak, had one more important feature that is seldom mentioned – an amazing sense of humour and an objective...
Mikołaj Radomski
In half a year from now, over a million of fans from all around Europe will come to Poland to cheer their football players. What will they see? They will be greeted by modern train stations and airports and the matches will be played in “elite”...
Joanna Lewicka
Among the clichés of the Christmas images of Sweden, the first place goes to pictures of a fairylike winter with Santa Claus in the background. The dark December night is lit by an amazing St. Lucy’s parade. The winter frost and warming...

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