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Unity Line
Boogie Brain Festival is a real treat for all music fans. For two days, the stages of Szczecin’s clubs and of the Castle Opera will guest a host of incredible bands and DJs. This year will mark the fifth, anniversary edition of the festival. On...
Unity Line
While taking a stroll on the pier of Helsingør harbor, one can’t help but notice him. “He” sits on top of a stone, lost in his thoughts, looking out into the sea and at Hamlet’s castle of Kronborg. The new sculpture, inspired by the...
Unity Line
One in the morning for good looks, one in the evening for good health. According to dieticians, two apples a day will do an even better job of keeping the doctor away.
Zuzanna Czerniak
For many of us, the end of summer may evoke the feeling of melancholy. We all have our own ways to cope with the coming of autumn – some choose chocolate, others prefer a trip to the tanning salon or simply sleeping in. We, on the other hand,...
Unity Line
The big race is over – another Unity Line regatta has come and gone. It was the twelfth time we got to see the world’s top sailors, this time racing along the newly set course from Świnoujście to Kroslin, Germany. This year’s edition...
Kamila Paradowska
A plethora of subjects, events and fascinating people – intellectual reflection combined with pure fun – the Coolture Carousel spun around to Świnoujście for the fourth time and we were there!
Unity Line
They keep us company with our morning coffee and afternoon tea, they are a must at parties. They may be round, traditional or in the shape of fairy characters or domestic appliances, or… whatever else we can imagine. Muffins and their younger...
Joanna Barszczewska
Many of us know the story of the giving tree and a boy that would come to it each day and receive gifts. The tree offered him its fruits, its branches and its trunk. The boy loved the tree and that was enough to make it happy.
Kamila Paradowska
It’s safe to say that Scandinavia stands tall and proud in the field of children’s literature. Northern Europe gave us the tales of Andersen, the adventures of Pippi Longstocking and the wildly popular Moomins. But while Pippi and the trolls...
Katarzyna Henschke- Ozga
For many of us, winter sports have become the preferred form of recreation. If you enjoy speeding down the slopes, you owe it to yourself to try out both sides of the Baltic sea – there are great tracks aplenty, both in Poland and in...

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