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Unity Line
Thanks to the simplified design of the new Unity Line price list planning a trip across the Baltic Sea is just as comfortable as the cruise of the Skania or the Polonia ferry.
Unity Line
The latest and classic forms of Swedish design within the range of a few clicks? It is now possible thanks to the new website, which promotes Swedish design in all its shapes and sizes.
Unity Line
Bread with cheese or cold meat? A bread roll with jam or honey. Or perhaps reach for some light and healthy spreads? A spring sandwich metamorphosis is coming.
Unity Line
Do you want to organise an unforgettable bonding event for your employees? Are you looking for an idea for an original business meeting, a trip with your friends or a lively hen party? Pick the group trips offer with Unity Line to Szczecin. This...
Sylwia Turkiewicz
Quite a delight for motor fans is being built in the Museum of Technology and Transport in Szczecin. A dozen or so hotheads have decided to reconstruct the famous Polish car – the Syrena Sport.
Katarzyna Henschke-Ozga
In Odense, Hans Christian Andersen spent his youngest years. The local colour of the place, as the great writer claimed, had an impact on his works. Today, the author’s reminiscence will reach you in the streets of the old part of the town.
Kamila Paradowska
He made his debut as the author of a scathing satire attacking a classmate. He conveyed research on demonology and collected books about rats. He was a rolling stone and as free as the words he used in a juicy sweeping non-conventional way. A...
Unity Line
Gigantic Lego blocks right by the road? That is how Legoland Billund situated in picturesque Jutland greets its guests. Since 1968, the year when the park was built, it has been visited by a few generations of kids. For a company that had its maxim...
Joanna Lamparska
Swedes love sweets. They can eat seventeen kilograms of candy per person a year, which gives them the first place among sweet-teeth all over the world. And that is not all! At Easter they eat twice as more than usual, which obviously regards candy,...
Aleksandra Pokojewska
In Jasne Błonia, in Szczecin you can find an unusual bicycle café. Espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, tea, cocoa? No problem, it will be ready in a sec. And all that… straight from a bike.

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