Aesthetics from the North
Written by Aleksandra Pokojewska   
design-miriam-preis-formargruppen-formargruppen--1657-2Interior Scandinavian style is widely popular due to its naturalness, simplicity and unpretentiousness, but also because one may create beautiful arrangements at a low cost. The style has been unabatedly popular for many years. If you are thinking about a small renovation, have a look at how to change your flat in an interesting way.

Scandinavian style is a compromise between aesthetics and function. Furniture and accessories are first of all practical and useful, devoid of ornaments; they charm you with their modesty and uncomplicated forms. Rooms furnished that way are never overloaded with utensils, they are spacious and well-organised.

Flawless whiteness

If you are a fan of light and bright spaces you may not hesitate to reach for Scandinavian style. Whiteness is the background to add other colours to. Apart from its particular elegance and freshness it also optically lightens and enlarges even such places that seem to be dark and small. Whiteness is omnipresent in Scandinavian interiors and it is the most typical element of this kind of décor. It may be found not only on the walls, but also in the colouring of furniture and wood. Other colours dominating in this style are blues, light pinks, delicate shades of grey. On such background strong coloristic accents are fantastically exposed, usually in accessories of every day use – cushions, curtains, plant pots, vases or textiles.

Power in nature

Ecology is of great importance to most Swedes, thus natural accents find their representation also in interior design. No wonder wood is the most popular. It is a material used both for making floors (often stained or painted white), and most furniture and accessories. Leather, wicker and stone also play important roles. Natural wood is accompanied by light raw textiles – mostly linen, cotton, jute, wool – decorated with multicoloured embroidery or graphic repetitive motives. design-nicho-sodling-artilleriet-1107

Flats designed in this style are timeless, as they do not follow any fashion, they are modest as well as comfortable, cosy and friendly. You can derive from Scandinavian inspirations by the handful…


•    Where does Scandinavian style come from? It all started on the verge of 19th and 20th century, when a Swedish painter Carl Larsson and his wife furnished their new mansion according to their own taste and artistic ideas. The painter immortalised the original interior on his paintings, which Swedes liked so much that soon fashion for design à la Larsson took over – nowadays known as Scandinavian style exactly.

•    Light is one of the most important aspects of Scandinavian style. Why? Well, atmospheric conditions in the countries of the North make their inhabitants appreciate every ray of sunshine. That is why Scandinavians give up on curtains in windows, build flats with a lot of glass, and paint their walls and floors white to reflect the precious light even more. In every flat you will find large lamps and a lot of candles.