Green salad with avocado and korycinski cheese
Written by Unity Line   


The secret to a great salad is the right ingredients. It is an art to combine them to obtain new flavours and make the dish aesthetically pleasing. Unity Line ferry chefs are well aware of this when they prepare salads with great attention to every detail. Green salad with the Koryciński cheese and avocado is one of the dishes you can try at the restaurant of the Polonia ferry.

The Koryciński cheese is a proud culinary asset of Podlasie. It is made from raw cow milk with rennet and salt. It smells of butter and is slightly acidic in taste. The flavour is fully highlighted by the honey and lemon juice dressing.

The freshness of the Koryciński cheese works great with many vegetables. We offer it with slightly sweet green peas and pepper, refreshing cucumber, and delicate asparagus and avocado. It is spiced up by rocket salad and red onion, which adds colour to the salad. The whole dish is topped with slightly bitter and spicy black caraway.

The salad may be served as an appetizer to the main course or an independent dish. It provides an abundance of valuable vitamins, healthy fats, and pleasant taste bud experience.