Marine cluster: for development
Written by Unity Line   

This unique place brings together business, local government, and researchers. It helps create and implement new technologies. It is also where Unity Line feels at home.

The Western-Pomeranian Marine Cluster was established in 2011. Its mission from the very beginning was to gather organizations relevant to the marine economy to create an environment for innovative endeavours.

The cluster is not only a place for business but also universities, vocational and secondary schools, and authorities. Its partners include the Maritime University, University of Szczecin, Communications Technology School Complex in Szczecin, Morska Stocznia Remontowa Gryfia ship repair yard, Police Seaport Authority, or Inland navigation Authority in Szczecin.

The organisations in the cluster speak with one voice on the international stage, which shows that they are highly integrated. Regardless whether it is a university, port, or private business, the goal, or actually four goals, remain the same: to build a technologically advanced centre of marine economy, to integrate tourism and marine industry and shipping in a balanced way, to promote our region on the international stage as a recognized training, academic, research, and development hub, and to gather a marine economy expert forum to affect drafting and verification of legislation and development plans for the region, country, and Europe.

These goals have been thoroughly pursued for seven years. Unity Line has been contributing for half a year.