About us

The Baltic Panorama is a free of charge, culture and tourism magazine, published by the ferry carrier - Unity Line. It is delivered to all Unity Line ferries and travel agencies, hotels, and institutions connected with tourism in Poland and Sweden. The main magazine recipients are Unity Line ferry's passengers, nevertheless the issue reaches other tourists visiting Poland and Scandinavia. 

Throughout The Baltic Panorama, we would like to emphasize a sincere interest in voyages between Poland and Scandinavia. The periodic is about arousing interest and being absorbing for both, tourists from Sweden who are curious about their southern neighbours and Polish readers, who want to get familiar with Scandinavian beauties and the people living there. Additionally through building positive associations towards Poland - introducing tourist, cultural as well as economic qualities of the region - we would like to make Polish success believable, affirm the positive changes Poland has made and eliminate negative stereotypes.

Simultaneously, The Baltic Panorama ought to be a reliable and convenient information source about significant matters to voyagers traveling between Poland and Scandinavia. The magazine is available on Unity Line ferries, in travel agencies or hotels and ought to be a practical guidance carrier, simplifying the stay in a foreign country and answering questions like how to plan expenses, where to stay or where to eat dinner, as well as making an introduction to traffic regulations and how to contact an embassy.

The Baltic Panorama in a nutshell

1. Free of charge magazine about tourism, marine and lifestyle.
2. Three-month periodic issued at 14 thousands copies.

3. Bi-lingual - every text is published in both, Polish and English.
4. Established in 1999, since May 2007 it has been introduced to a new, appealing layout.
5. Distributed throughout ferries, Unity Line offices and direct mail:
  • More than a half of the copies issued are distributed on Unity Line ferries, where mainly Swedish and Polish passengers travel, but also Norwegian, Danish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech and German.
  • The magazine is available in travel agencies, which collaborate with Unity Line in Poland and Scandinavia as well, in tourist centers and yacht clubs, also in numerous hotels and guesthouses that work with Unity Line.
  • The magazine is sent as a constant subscription to Unity Line's passengers and contractors (around 1800 people from Poland and abroad).
  • The publishing is constantly developed and promoted on prestige tourism fairs in Poland and abroad.